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We remain your passionate landscaping professionals who always create lasting beauty and value for less. Call today and start enjoying your lawns again.

Green Earth Services of Texas is more than just a few guys with a truck and some equipment.

We are a professional landscape company who designs, installs, and services landscapes for the residential and commercial properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have a professionally trained team of talented employees, not subcontractors, who are degreed horticulturists specializing in rich, creative landscape design and landscape architecture. We can renovate an existing area or start from a blank canvas of dirt. Share with us what you envision and we will help bring it to reality. If you’d like for us to come out to your property and discuss the options, give us a call and let’s schedule an appointment.

At Green Earth Services of Texas, we know that investing in professional landscape design adds value and curb appeal to your property. We work with our clients to ensure the true potential of each property is captured in our designs.

Let Green Earth Services of Texas design and install your residential or commercial outdoor solution. You will enjoy it for years to come.

From beginning to end, we invite you to brainstorm with us to create your design, or you can simply let us craft a plan for you. Using today’s advanced design software, Green Earth Services of Texas will design a landscape plan to scale so you can easily see the end solution and where the hardscapes and softscapes are—plants, flowers, colors, everything. Landscape drawings and budgets are presented and explained for approval. The company owner discusses all details including future maintenance prior to any final agreement and before payment is requested and installation begins.

Landscape installation can be quite an undertaking. An error in installation can ruin your plan—which may include expensive trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses—usually with no second chances. Green Earth Services of Texas ensures that our designs are installed with the highest level of workmanship so your end landscape solution will continue to grow and thrive.

By taking the time to have Green Earth Services of Texas design a landscape plan, discuss the details, and have a professional team provide the installation services, you will experience the rewards for a lifetime!

Our Process

Your yard is an extension of your home or business. Because Green Earth Services of Texas understands that, we collaborate with you, walk your property, and get a feel for the site and the scope of your project. Most importantly, we listen and ask questions so we can envision your goals and style. The possibilities for your landscape design are endless, so we consult with you to help turn your thoughts into reality.

Next, Green Earth Services of Texas will study your site’s conditions and determine the assets, needs, and limitations of your property. From there we prepare landscape drawings to reflect your landscape renovation or new plan from scratch. We present our landscape design and plan—professionally rendered to scale. Gerick Schraub, the owner of Green Earth Services of Texas, goes over the plan in detail to help you understand the future growth, maintenance, and value of the presented solution.

Upon your approval of the preliminary design and budget, Green Earth Services of Texas will schedule your project without demanding any money down and will take some “before” photos. During the installation phase, only top-quality plants and materials are handpicked by the owner.

After the installation is completed, Green Earth Services of Texas provides a walk-through. The purpose of the final walk-through and review is to educate you on the best maintenance options or instruction on watering or future care. “After” photos are taken and shared with you as our thank you!

Landscaping Service Contractors

You’ll find that we provide more ways of tending to your outdoor areas than anyone else, as well as lasting quality of care on every service visit. Whether you have a one-time need, are planning an extensive exterior renovation project, or have a custom request, you can count on us for it all.

Even if you’re unsure of what you want to improve, our expert design staff has plenty of ideas to try. We don’t stop until you have a yard that you love, and we offer more options than anyone else.

From a new set of hardscape items to installing seasonal flowers, we can keep your lawns appearing their best all year long. See why more homeowners continue hiring us at Green Earth Services of Texas.

Want more information about our landscaping company and how to hire us for your next job? Call us today and see the difference Green Earth Services of Texas can make!

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