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The best way to maintain your home each week is with an experienced landscaping contractor group. And when your plants deserve the best care possible throughout the greater Colleyville, Texas, community, you need Green Earth Services of Texas.

We assist more area homeowners in maintaining their outdoor living spaces, as well as providing the best in total yard renovation solutions. Whether you have items that need improvements, or you have ideas that need to get added in, our expert landscapers are here for you.

We continue keeping more yards growing their best throughout every season, as well as helping residents discover the perfect outdoor living areas. From new additions to yard construction solutions, we handle it all every day.

See why we remain the reliable source for local landscaping services. Call us now and provide your home with superior yard care technicians.



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Even though you have a green thumb, you may not always have the time to treat your plants the way that they need. We provide a diverse range of maintenance services that keep your property’s curb appeal lovely every day.

And when you need assistance in upgrading your lawns, you can count on us to complete your job as well. We provide custom design solutions and new turf installations that create the perfect yards each time.

Whatever it takes to build your ideal outdoor living spaces, we are here for you. Contact us today and learn more about our expert landscaping service options, including:

We can enhance, improve, or construct any exterior areas, providing you with lasting beauty on every visit. Call us now and give your lawns the best treatment possible.

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No one else maintains your yards, plants, and trees better than our expert team of horticulturists. From professional backyard remodeling projects and new turf installation, there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish for your home.

Green Earth Services of Texas remains the trusted choice for landscaping solutions.


Colleyville Landscaping

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