When you live in Texas it can be a challenge to keep your flowers and greenery alive– especially in the next few months when temperatures reach triple digits. if you plant some of the following flowers and plants, you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep them alive!

Zinnias: It is a warm climate plant. Here in Texas the Zinnias are pretty popular. They need full sun and they also need to be planted in well drained soil.

Lantana: The Lantana plant is a perennial flowering plant. Lantanas are usually very bright in color. Very pretty! They also tend to change colors as they grow. The Lantanas are one of the heartiest plant for the Texas heat and will grow when seemingly nothing else will.

Firebush: The Firebush plant is a green plant with red flowers. It needs full sun. the Firebush is a great plant if you want to attract hummingbirds. This plant usually grows to be around 3 feet tall.

Hibiscus: the flare Hibiscus is a beautiful plant with hot pink or maroon flowers. Very pretty! This plant is very low maintenance and thrives in full sun. It usually blooms all summer until the first frost.