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Flower Mound Landscaping Services

The community of Flower Mound, Texas, has long gotten called a top place to live in the state. Outdoor recreational activities, family fun, and a tight-knit community creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all.

With so many local things to enjoy, you need assistance in keeping up with your property’s curb appeal. And while you have many choices for landscaping services, only one provides total outdoor solutions for less.

At Green Earth Services of Texas, we remain the trusted source for more yard renovations, lawn installations, and total maintenance options. From new plants and turf to custom hardscape surfaces, there is nothing that our talented team can’t handle.

See why more area homeowners turn to us for all of their outdoor maintenance needs. No one keeps your home greener every week like our expert landscaping professionals.



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Your yard needs a maintenance team close to your home, as well as maintain a level of professionalism that can’t get beat. No matter what is causing your lawns grief, from ineffective sprinkler systems to soil erosion, we always have a practical solution for you.

We can create, plant, install, or keep up with any client request, and no one leaves your plants healthier than us. When you need the confidence that your yards stay in the best hands around, we continue achieving better results.

Whatever services or items that your outdoor areas need the most, you can find them all here with us. Call us now and schedule your best landscaping service for:

Only our team can guarantee the highest quality of care throughout each week, and better protection against the changing seasons. When you need the best in daily lawn maintenance services, you need to hire us today.

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Flower Mound Landscaping

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