At first, the idea of hiring a landscaping services contractor to put up your exterior Christmas lights sounds like a waste of time. After all, what does a residential landscaper know about decorating for the holidays? The guys at Green Earth Services know a thing or two about Grapevine TX Christmas Lights.

However, once the temperature plummets and you’re struggling on a ladder, you wished that you had agreed to hire someone to handle it. What many homeowners don’t know is, in addition to creating the best landscape ideas, Green Earth Services of Texas turns your home into a twinkling winter wonderland.

Grapevine TX Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights

LED bulbs have slowly become the new preferred standard for many lighting fixtures and needs. During the holidays, they utilize less energy and produce a brighter effect, helping you increase your level of cheer without raising your utility costs in the process.

Chances are, you likely already have LED bulbs getting used for outdoor walkways and other landscaping applications. Your Christmas lighting bulbs will fit right in without appearing mismatched.


Mini String Bulbs

When you’re brightening up tree trunks, columns, and other slender surfaces, you likely rely on mini string bulbs to create a visual impact. Once they get distributed evenly by contractors with an eye for detail, they turn even the warmest winters into a sparkling holiday season.

Mini string bulbs remain the ideal way to include any plants and natural landscaping into your display pieces. However, without the right protective gear, even this simple chore can leave lasting scratches and bruises.


Large Bulb Lights

These more substantial lights run from dramatic displays to comically large. They all draw attention to specific areas of your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer to rely on them to illuminate a pathway to your door or bring attention to particular landscaping features, they are often your best bet.

Large holiday lights also create a sense of nostalgia, as the earlier models from your childhood no longer get used for safety reasons. These newer types, however, remain just as safe as the other types, and they create tons of value in the process.


Netted Christmas Lights

When you have hedges, shrubs, bushes, and other landscape items that grow close to one another, you often find it difficult to thread light strands through them. Although you could shove them through the center horizontally, it won’t create the effect that you are hoping to see.

Instead, netted lights lay directly over your plants, allowing the denser sections to sink between branches. However, they twinkle brightly, and most bulbs remain above the plant material, leaving your home looking festive.

landscape services hang Christmas lights

Icicle Lighting

While it doesn’t always get cold enough for homes to form dangerous icicles, you can keep your house looking wintery with icicle lighting. Once these get hung from your roof, patios, and ceilings, they create a wintery effect.

Even if you can continue wearing shorts and t-shirts in December, your home will at least play the part. There’s no more wondering if Santa will spot your place when you have these bulbs installed.