Ideally, hiring Fort Worth landscaping companies would provide the professional experience necessary to include excellent touches and upgrades. Adding live edge wood, for example, adds tons of beauty and value without much work.

These days, most homeowners searching for Fort Worth landscapers are hoping that they offer more than grass cutting. However, they often don’t want the added costs that a dedicated landscape design Fort Worth provider would include.

What is Live Edge Wood?

Many homeowners include lumber and natural wood surfaces to their overall home landscape designs. Unfortunately, most Landscapers in Keller TX would agree that it doesn’t appear as wood-like as you would anticipate.

Live edge wood, on the other hand, includes the raw appearance of the parent tree, giving any surface lots more natural styling. It’s an affordable way to enhance any outdoor space without the costs of expensive landscape architecture firms.

Live Edge Wood Keller Landscapers

Live Edge Wood Keller Landscapers

Most examples of live edge wood get discovered in furniture manufacturing, or interior design uses. However, many landscaping companies Fort Worth providers have started to offer it as it’s getting increasingly more popular.

Whether it gets used as accent pieces to enhance your collection of plants, or as an eye-catching retention wall, there are plenty of outdoor applications. It just takes the right team of experienced landscaping experts to bring the designs to life.


Live Edge Wood Landscaping Flower Mound TX

Unfortunately, many contractors use live edge wood in unique interior applications, or to create custom furniture pieces. In the wrong hands, it quickly turns any Texas home into a Midwest hunting lodge

Outdoors, live edge wood should remain functional, as well as accent your existing plants, flowers, and trees. Because it gets created as slender strips or thick slabs, it takes an experienced team to know how to use them successfully in your outdoor areas.


Is Live Edge Wood a New Practice?

Live edge wood was all the rage back in the 1940s, especially in places that receive substantial winter snowfall. As the 1950s headed towards a more metropolitan influence, the natural forest-like appearance it created fell out of style.

Today, however, many homeowners throughout the state are rediscovering the charm and value that live edge wood creates, and Green Earth Services of Texas remains among the most experienced installation companies. When you need to know that your outdoor areas receive the best applications, you need us today.