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You don’t need to continue staying in the dark or spending a fortune on lighting at night. Instead, call us today and start enhancing your outdoor spaces with professional installations.

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Outdoor Lighting

During the summer season, you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces for hours after sundown without worry. However, for most of the year, your lovely lawn turns into a frightening place to be once the light fades from the sky.

Venomous wildlife, hungry pests, and other yard trespassers soon make you uneasy in the dark. Even taking out the trash in the evening is often enough to send the hair on your neck standing tall.

The ideal way to keep your lawns safer, brighter, and more enjoyable is by calling Green Earth Service of Texas for professional outdoor lighting installation. No matter how dark your outside areas might remain or what sort of plants live on your property, we guarantee lighting solutions that you’ll love.

Keep your walking paths illuminated and your favorite trees or flowers in the spotlight with safe and affordable low-voltage lighting. Contact us to schedule our team for your lawns and get more use out of your outdoor areas.

Why Update Outdoor Lighting?

When you decrease how many shadowed spots appear in your yard, it means fewer places for animals and bad guys to hide. Whether walking from your car to the front door makes you uneasy or you don’t enjoy taking your pet out in the dead of night, improved landscape lighting creates the difference.

It doesn’t take much for a little light to brighten up the entire yard, and our LED bulbs get built to last. When cheaper landscaping lights sold in stores wear out after only a few months, we guarantee your new fixtures will continue getting results.

Even if you have an aging set of exterior lights installed, old bulbs use more power than newer systems. Upgrading to our modern designs improves how well lit your property remains, and it can save you more on monthly utilities as well.

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Our staff proudly installs Kichler brand LED lighting, chosen for its modern design choices and superior bulbs. We have yet to find a competing light that offers more illumination for less, or maintenance-free use day after day.

When other companies use lower-quality fixtures and bulbs, it costs you more eventually. Choose Green Earth Services of Texas for lasting quality.

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