Landscaping Services

From hardscapes to softscapes and everything in between, Green Earth Services is the premier landscape company in Fort Worth and surrounding areas!

Landscape Design & Construction

We create the perfect hardscapes and lawn designs over anyone else.

Landscape Maintenance

Keep your yards and plants looking great every week with professional maintenance solutions.

Tree & Hedge Trimming

We keep your hedges looking their best for added daily privacy and maintenance.

Landscape Installation

When your yards have something missing, we can ensure you receive perfect additions.

Irrigation Installation

Dry plants and dead grass must have properly installed irrigation systems for hydration.

Outdoor Lighting

Proper landscape lighting can provide many more hours of enjoyment and added security.

Drainage Systems

Improved yard drainage systems are just as important as maintaining your plants’ appearances.


Your yards need more than plants, and hard materials help balance your yards’ appearances.

Landscaping Services

While you have many options in professional landscaping services providers, how can you know that they offer the possibilities your yards need the most? When you hire our expert landscaping contractors, you never need to worry about the scope of your job again.

From assisting area homeowners with their initial yard designs, or better enhancements and scheduled maintenance, we can handle it all. No lawn is too overgrown, and we have design solutions for any outdoor living space.

When you need a broader range of service options and experienced maintenance contractors, you won’t see a more qualified choice than us. 

Contact us for all of your best landscaping services, including:

No one keeps your lawns greener than our team. Contact us to maintain your yards today.

Contact us today for your best landscaping team who knows how to handle:

Yards that only feature plants typically waste the space that surrounds them. Make sure you’re receiving the most from your lawns and contact us now.

Hardscape Services

Hardscaping is a crucial design choice that helps balance the softer appearance of grass, flowers, and trees. The right mix of retention walls, stepping stones, and walking surfaces can enhance any outdoor space.

Whether you prefer to entertain guests outside or enjoy cooking on BBQ grills, we offer the best mix of hardscape installation services. You don’t need to worry about items appearing out of place or not adding functionality.

When you need a yard that looks great and can get used throughout any season of the year, we are here to assist you with any hardscaping service options.

Specialty Services

For many homeowners, they assume that when they move into their new place, they must settle for whatever flaws the existing yards might have. However, when you choose us, it means having access to more forms of specialty landscaping services that improve any lawn.

Whether your grass struggles with drainage after every rain or your sprinklers aren’t quite getting the job done, we can ensure that your plants receive the best long-term care possible. By installing the right mix of additions, we can help you enjoy a yard that stays looking its best, as well as seasonal specials.

Contact us for any options you hope to find to keep your lawns healthier every day. Our landscapers are here to help you with:

Call today for completely customized yards and proper drainage.

Landscaping Services

Our Work

At Green Earth Services of Texas, we believe that landscaping should accomplish more than keeping your grass at an acceptable height. Instead, we assist more area homeowners in maintaining and redesigning their lawns for their ideal outdoor oases.

Whether you struggle in defining the edges of your property line, or you can’t seem to water your plants enough, we know the ideal way to improve your yard’s health quickly. Best of all, we offer custom design solutions that enhance your lawns daily.

When you need to know your home’s outdoor spaces remain in good hands, you need us.

“Green Earth is the ONLY one for me and my home!”

“I’m used to getting disappointed by landscaping contractors. At Green Earth, they never cease to amaze me with all the things that they can accomplish. ” – Ted M.

“I thought I would need to move somewhere else to have a water feature in my backyard, but they saved me a ton on a gorgeous new addition.  Thanks, Green Earth!” – Lily A.

“After cleaning up after what my last crew left behind, I thought I was done paying for landscaping. Green Earth showed me what I should have been receiving all along.” – Marshall E.

“I can trust Green Earth to treat me right and they are always fair!”

“I don’t own a lawnmower, and living alone, I don’t have time to do lawn chores. Not only does Green Earth help me, but they leave my home looking perfect every week!” – Robin S.

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