Ornamental grass is a great addition to just about any landscape. Graceful ornamental grass clumps add delightful texture and interest to the garden in all seasons, they are incredibly easy to care for. Always wear heavy gloves and long sleeves while working with ornamental grass. The leaves on some, especially the Miscanthus varieties, can be very sharp and can quickly tear up your hands and arms. Wear eye protection as you cut the grass, to prevent bits of dried grass from getting into your eyes.

Ask a dozen experts and they’ll give you a dozen different methods for cutting back ornamental grass. Some suggest using a hedge trimmer, others say a grass trimmer with a blade rather than a nylon line will do the job effectively. There are those who use a curved pruning saw while others say a finely serrated bread knife is the right tool for the job. Any of those tools will work fine, but adding one more step will make the task, and the cleanup after wards, much easier.

Tie a rope or wrap a bungee cord or two around the ornamental grass clump before cutting the dead foliage. Tie or wrap the grass fairly tightly about two feet up from ground level, and then cut below the rope or bungee cord. Not only will this make the grass easier to handle as you cut it, but the entire bundle can then be carried away in one neat package.

If your ornamental grass is growing a bit too large for its space in the garden, you may want to divide the grass once it has been cut back. Smaller clumps can be dug out with a spade, but if the clump is rather large and unwieldy, power tools will simplify the job.