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Tree & Hedge Trimming

Hedges, bushes, and shrubs not only look lovely, but they enhance your property’s privacy and security. However, unless they remain correctly maintained, they’ll also wind up inviting other unwanted guests as well.

Overgrown plants soon become the new nests for bugs, rodents, birds, and other common unexpected visitors, and once they settle in, it’s a challenge to chase them off once more. And once some wildlife takes over, you can anticipate more arriving to keep the life cycle going.

The best way to both maintains your hedges, trees, and more is by choosing Green Earth Services of Texas. In addition to installing new plants to your yard, we offer more care solutions that keep them appearing their best all year long.

When you need better plant care and improved outdoor spaces, you won’t find a more qualified team than us. See why we remain the trusted source for complete lawn maintenance solutions.

Tree Trimming Services

As trees age throughout the year, they build up dead plant material and produce overgrown branches. Not only does the excess leaves and limbs look awful, but they could attract unwanted pests.

Dead plant material also quickly leads to mold and mildew growth, which could cause lingering health problems for your trees. The ideal way to keep them healthy is with scheduled trimming services.

We remove any overgrowth, dead material, and non-producing branches to promote better tree appearances, as well as sustained growing habits. Not only will they remain healthier for longer, but you’ll enjoy yards that remain professionally manicured.

Tree & Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Your hedges not only offer increased privacy, but they also need to look their best. When they become overgrown, filled with dead leaves and twigs, and otherwise appear messy, they don’t perform the way you had hoped.

Over time, your shrubs may begin to branch out, causing uneven growth and future maintenance challenges. And when they grow too closely together, they can soon cause more harm than good.

Our staff knows how to leave your hedges professionally trimmed to continue keeping your property safe for longer. No one keeps your shrubs manicured better than we do on every service visit.

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